The proof is in the pudding. Let me teach you how to become one of the highest paid
Salon or Hair Stylist in the Hair Industry! My techniques are so original, my customer
tipped me out @ $600 for the Flat Fusion during a Hair Extension Mentoring Session. As
you can see, I was gracious enough to split the tip with the owner for having me @ her
salon in Durham, NC. -
This is when you know, you are a successful Hair Stylist!.

It is time to bring real revenue to your salon by becoming a 6 Figure Hair Stylist or Salon

If you have more questions contact me @ Email Address:
or Text: 1-904-327-1145 Subject:
Mentor for businesses who need help getting off the ground!
1 Day $1,200 - 2 Days $1,500
Click Here To Reserve
Trained Beleza
Coutour Studio
In Durham, NC
Left -Trixie Matthews-Owner
Right-Rhonda Robinson-Trainer
& Owner/Founder of
Shear Essence Salon INC.
Earn Real Money, Real Income
in todays Economy!
Customer also paid a $500
Deposit. So, total amount earned
from the Flat Hair Fusion Service
was $2,600!
Trained Beleza Coutour In Durham, NC

Salon or Stylist Mentoring
Rhonda Robinson Global Hair Extension Class
9825 San Jose Blvd Ste 12
Jacksonville, Fl. 32257 904-683-3722
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