What is a Braidless Sew In?
How to install a Braidless Sew In?
Free Video Tutorial -How to Install the Braidless Sew-In.
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Braidless Sew-In This hair weaving technique is definitely unique. It is as described, A SEW-IN
. Yes, completely off the hook. I foundation is created with an extraordinary
stitching method using needle and
 A SEW-IN WITH NO the track with thread it eliminates the
braid. Therefore, you no longer have as . Yes, completely off the hook. I know you ladies have
been dying for a much bulkiness that comes with a regular sew-in. In return, you have a flatter
track and you can wear your hair in ponytails and chignons. The sew-in last up to 3 months and
must be removed by the stylist. Another difference from this sew-in and the regular sew-in is
some of your hair is left out from every other track as if you were getting a bond. Usually, 3-4
tracks will suffice for this weaving method.
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